Innovation comes from questioning the way things have been done before.. Welcome to BluCMS.

If you can point a mouse and type, I guarantee you CAN control your website content with BluCMS

Making updates to your website

I know you don't want to spend all day learning how to edit and manage your website so I designed BluCMS to allow anyone with even the most basic computer skills to edit their own website pages.

Use any computer, tablet or smartphone to add pages and content as easily as if you were sending an email, or adding content to your favourite social networking site.

I built BluCMS from the ground up to allow people with even the most basic of computer skills to take control of their own website. You will be controlling your website content in around 5 minutes and as you get more confident with BluCMS, you will automatically achieve more technical goals without even realising your doing it!

Even with the most basic version of BluCMS you will have control of:

  • ✔ Adding and editing text based content of your site
  • ✔ Adding galleries and slide shows to each and any page
  • ✔ Optimising as you go for Google rankings
  • ✔ Adding pages with a single click of your mouse
  • ✔ Adding galleries and brochure pages to any page
  • ✔ Adding Paypal payment buttons to any section of any page

And much much more as you gain confidence with bluCMS.

Allot of my clients have previously had websites designed and built around the Wordpress CMS and have told me that in comparison to Wordpress, BluCMS is much easier to use to manage their website.


Help is always just a call or email away with BluCMS

The level of technical support I provide to all my customers and ease of use of BluCMS have been the corner stone of my businesses success for over 15 years.

I want you to use BluCMS to manage your website and not be put off asking for help so if you have any trouble at all with any aspects of the site, I am always ready to help.

I will also show you how to easily optimise your site to help you achieve top end search engine rankings on Google. This is all done through BluCMS's simple user interface.

Testdrive BluCMS today

If you would like to try BluCMS today please do not hesitate to contact me on 01382 525 896. I can arrange to come to your home or office and show you how quickly and easily you can take control of your website.