Responsive Web Designers DundeeBluCMS is my own custom built web based management system that allows my clients to maintain their own websites with little or no training. I am so confident in the stability and functionality of BluCMS that I have used it to build the website you are reading right now! Infact every site currently in my portfolio of designs is using BluCMS as the main system to run the site.

BluCMS was originally designed to accommodate requests from clients who were looking to control small parts of their websites but has grown in to a full management system which not only allows an amazing amount of control over your website through a simple to use interface, but also ensures the content of the pages generated by BluCMS are clean, quick loading and very search engine friendly.

Keeping BluCMS fresh

The latest system builds HTML5 responsive desktop and mobile websites along side each other then allows you to pick what pages to show on each version of your site. You WONT find that with Wordpress or Magento!