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What is a responsive website and why do I now need one?

A responsive website is a site that will resize its elements and content to suit the users screen size or device. Google recently changed how search results are presented to the public by adding a 'mobile friendly' name to responsive or mobile websites. The reason for this is that the majority of people using Google now use mobile devices (phones and tablets) as their primary device for searching on Google and browsing the internet in general.

I have been designing mobile sites and offering them to clients since around 2004 but until recently designed very few responsive designs as people simply didn't want them. I am now designing responsive websites for all future clients as this functionality is now built right in to BluCMS.

Get your Responsive Website Designed

If your looking to have a new website designed, or are looking to have your current website converted in to a responsive design, give me a call today on 01382 525 896 to see if I can help make your website mobile friendly.