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As your website designers in Edinburgh, Barry's Web Design provide professional web design services without the huge prices.

We provide web design to all types of businesses who are looking to advertise their services online to customers across the Lothian's and Edinburgh. We can provide SEO to help you be found in top positions on the major search engines including Google. With over 15 years providing SEO and website design services for small businesses across Edinburgh and The Lothian's, you know your website is in safe hands at Barry's Web Design.

With so many web designer in Edinburgh to choose from, how do we stand out from the rest?

Unlike most web designers in Edinburgh, we do not use premade system like wordpress for our designs. We have our own in house web design systems that allow you to maintain your own website right from your PC, Mac or smart phone and is so simple to use, we guarantee if you can use your device, or use sites like Facebook, you CAN maintain your own website.

We also provide a first class SEO (search engine optimisation) service for companies right here in Edinburgh so if you need a new site that is found right up at the top of Google's search listings, both for mobile and normal desktop listings, then we can provide the right SEO and website design services for you.

About our CMS - BluCMS

We know that you do not want to spend all day sitting at your computer learning how to manage your website and experience and feedback from clients tells us that you do not want a system that is to complex. This is why we dont use systems like WordPress and Magento to build our websites. Granted there are allot of web design companies in Edinburgh right now providing WordPress websites but we are not one of them. Clients who have come to use to have a new website designed after using WordPress for their website always tell is the system was to complicated and always broke down when they updated anything so we have designed a simple to use CMS called BluCMS.

Most websites dont need complex management system but as WordPress is a premade system that is already complex to use for the end user (you), then a designer is not going to redesign the WordPress system to be easy for you to use. they wont redesign the system for you to use because they never made the system in the first place so they dont know how to make it easier for you to use.

BlueCMS on the other hand has been built by us from scratch to ensure the end user of the CMS (again, you!) can use it without any training at all! It is so simple to I guarantee if you can write a word document, then you can use our system!

I would be more than happy to show you how to use BluCMS today so for a quick demo of BluCMS, and more information about what we can do as your web designers in Edinburgh, call Barry's Web Design today on 01382 525896. We could have your new website up and live by this time next week and at a price you really can afford.