Dedicated Ultra Fast Hosting

I only use fully dedicated custom built servers to ensure stability and absolute reliability at all times


My main Dedicated Servers are based in Maidenhead in one of the UK's longest established Datacentres.

I have been using the same company for many years and have worked with the Datacentre staff to build the servers to suit the exact needs of BluCMS. This ensures the websites and systems run perfectly at all times and in a totally secure controlled environment.

Dedicated Servers

The specification of my standard servers are better than most home PC systems.

The servers are monitored 24/7 by the datacentre staff. Any fluctuations or instability is reported and dealt with pretty much instantly.

Most recent server build:

- Intel Core i7 processor
- 16GB DDr3 Ram 
- Hardwear RAID Controller 
- 2x 2TB 7200rpm Hard Disks

Testing Server

I also use test dedicated servers which are housed in a Datacentre in France.

I use these Dedicated Servers to test new BluCMS add-ons and modules such as the recent custom E-Commerce system I built for a client.

Test server specification:

- Intel Core i5 processor
- 8GB DDr3 Memory
- Software Raid
- 1 x 2TB Hard Disk


For your piece of mind and to ensure that data is never lost, I use 4 backup systems. I have daily, weekly and monthly backups. I also download all website files to a local drive periodically to ensure there is never any loss of data.


I can provide fully managed dedicated servers within 24 hours notice and at very competitive prices.