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best small business website builder 2019

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to have tools that suit your needs and that save you time and money. With BluCMS your hunt for the best small business website builder of 2019 is over.

As a website builder, BluCMS can be adapted to suit almost any type and size of business and in 2019, the new updated version of BluCMS gives the small business owner new tools that will not only help you to advertise your business online in a more efficient and productive way, but will also allow you to bill and invoice your clients directly from the back end of your site, then take payments instantly from the clients using any credit or debit card.

How to build a small business website

Building your site is a very simple process. I will install a base system for you for only £149. You can then send me your logo which I will build in to the new website and style the colours of the site to complement the logos design. I can then help you add your new content to the site and show you quickly and easily how to edit and manage your new website.

With BluCMS at your finger tips you will have control over all of the content of all the pages. You will be able to add any of the following features with 1 click:

  • unlimited pages of content
  • dynamic mobile friendly slide shows on each and every page
  • dynamic mobile galleries to each and every page
  • payment forms to any page
  • Onsite optimisation through the BluCMS admin section

Plus you will of course be able to take enquiries 24/7 through your own personalised contacts page.

How to choose the right website builder for your small business

I appreciate that their are many companies out their promising the earth when it comes to helping you choose the right website builder for your small business, so here are a few things to ask your self before you jump in.

  • Do you already know how to manage a website?
    If the answer to this question is no, then that's great! I have designed BluCMS to be used by anyone with minimal IT skills. In fact, I guarantee if you can point a mouse and type, you will be able to quickly and easily add any content to your website.

  • Do you want to show of your work in a project gallery?
    If you do then BluCMS has a simple to use gallery system built in that allows you to take a photo on your mobile and upload it directly to any gallery on any page of your website!

  • Do you want to spend very little time learning how to manage your website?
    Well we all want to spend less time managing our website so this is why I have made BluCMS so simple to use. I normally only spend around 30 minutes showing people how to operate their websites. From then on I am always at the end of the phone or email to help out but my phone is not ringing off the hook with technical support requests!

Finding best small business website builder for your business doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune. What you really need is a website system that you can actually use to enhance your business, that you dont have a massive learning curve to operate and has the right tools for your specific needs.

Interested in getting BluCMS for your small business website? Give me a call on 01382 525 896 any day before 7pm. With BluCMS Lite, your site could be up and running by this time tomorrow.