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Effective Local Business SEO 2021

If your like me, you are looking to gain clients mostly from your local area so Im going to show you an effective local business SEO strategy for 2021.

Where to start with Effective Local Business SEO

Granted over the years, I have taken on website design clients from across the UK but I do prefer meeting people face to face and getting to know them and their business. So with this in mind, I really cut back on doing SEO to be found for general terms. I was ranked in the top 5 in the UK for the term website designer for many years back in the 2000s but while it did bring me allot of website enquiries from across the UK, it was more trouble than it was worth. I would never get to meet the people so I would never get to really know what they wanted. I cut back on the SEO for a national rankings and concentrated mostly on Tayside and Dundee. While optimising for the local area may seem a simpler task, Effective Local Business SEO has to be done right and monitored for best effect.

To get right to the crux of effective Local SEO, you have to start with NAP results. NAP results are local citations that you will find on directories and search engines.

Top 10 Directories to list your business on

This list of Top 10 directories to list your business on is not in any prefered order. I would say you should get your website listed on all of these and as we will go over, getting a consistent NAP result on these directories is very important for local SEO.

  1. Yell
  2. Yahoo (submitting to bing will also get you on Yahoo)
  3. Bing (Places)
  4. Google My Business (local/mybusiness)
  5. Apple Maps
  6. Trustpilot
  7. Yelp UK
  8. 192
  9. Thomson Local
  10. Scoot

BUT before you just right in there, you should be checking to see EXACTLY how you site is already identified by Google, Yahoo and Bing as these are the places that will ultimately bring the visitors to your site.

Setting up my NAP For Local SEO

Ok so now you know where to put your NAP for Local SEO, you now need to be super consistent with it. Google especially (as its the biggest) will be looking for your local NAP results on all websites and will be looking for a consistent NAP profile. This means that if you have your Name Address and Phone Number on and it is different on your Google My Business page, you need to get them to match up as soon as you can. You must keep these results consistent so that Google knows that the details are correct and that it is actually your business. This might seem obvious. Why wouldn't you have the same results for your NAP? Well, if your like me and you started off your business from your mums house back in the late 90s and started doing SEO back then with your current address, then moved out to live in your shiny new flat and forgot to change your NAP details to suit, this is bad news for your NAP on Google and will effect your Local Rankings. I know now that you have read this it seams obvious, but did you think about it like that before you read this?

There are some pretty cool websites that can check the NAP results for you and tell you how to improve the NAP results on Google Places. The best one I have found is Moz is also an amazing site for learning local SEO techniques of all kinds.

Optimising your website for local results

Ok so now that you have cleaned up your NAP results, let's move on to optimising your website for local results. If your a plumber, joiner or some other local business, then getting to the top of Google for your local results is critical. Optimising your website for local results will mean targeting your local audiences search habits and using this knowledge to write pages on your site to target these localised terms.

It might seem obvious that if your a plumber you would title your page with your name and the term plumbers in (area name here). But if you look on Google's page 2 (some say the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google as no one ever goes there), you will find from there on in that the majority of people looking to gain any foothold on the top spots are NOT doing the absolute basics of SEO. Titles and Tags are critical when it comes to local SEO (and all SEO for that matter). So as a local business owner you want to write pages with content that targets the search terms that people are actually typing in to the Google search box. If your looking for a plumber in your local town or city, you are more likely to type in Google Plumbers in (are here) and not the name a local company.

So the layout of your page should be as follows:

  • Page Title Tag - must contain your chosen key phrase (eg plumbers in {town here})
  • Description Meta Tag - Must contain around 30- words as a brief description of the page content and must contain your target key phrase
  • H1 Tag - Should be around the first thing that the Google spiders can read after the opening body tag, should be breif and should contain your chosen key phrase for that page
  • Intro paragraph - around 5 words long, describing what the pages narrative will be about, contain the key phrase and lead the reader in to the rest of the page
  • General Page Content - will describe the service being provided and should be no less than around 200 words long. It should also have paragraphs being introduced by ascending H tags, eg h1,h2,h3,h4 and so on
  • A call to action - At the bottom of your page (this is not really SEO but is best practice) you should always have a call to action (see more below)
Getting some Links to your website for Local SEO

Ok so you've cleaned up your NAP, added your site to all the top directories but you still cant see your site on Google! Well this is because you need to get some links pointing to your website. You don't need millions, just get a few business friends to add you to their website as a link back to your home page. A good way to get links from other local businesses is to start a new page on your site and call it Local Businesses in {yout town here} and ask other local businesses if they would like to share a link on your website in exchange for a link back from them. This will get you some links in to your website and will also help your sites visitors find other local companies through your local business page.


So in conclusion, to get found in your local area you need to keep a good clean NAP presence on all of the national business directories, optimise your website for your local search terms and maybe hook up with other local businesses to get your site found by Google.

If you need any more advice about Effective Local Business SEO please feel free to get in touch.

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