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Barry's Ethics and Code of Behaviour

My Mission today as you read this page is the same as it was back in 2002 when I (Barry Mitchell) first started Barry's Web Design. These points have directed how I conduct business with clients at all levels and will clearly define the intention of our business relationship. The ethical standards defined here are based on my personal integrity and everything done here at Barry's Web Design is my responsibility, no matter who you deal with and who you interact with at my company.

My Standards

  1. Never base the price for a website on the size of a companies implied financial status.
    The scale and price of your services will be defined by your requirements; Not your bank balance. Just because your business is turning over millions of pounds per year does not mean you need to spend more for the same service that a sole trader receives who's business turns over less than 50k. You get the same service at the same price.

  2. Do not tie clients in to long term contracts.
    I do not expect you to sign a fixed term contract with Barry's Web Design. I am looking to build a long term open working relationship with you and your company.

  3. Communicate my ideas and services to customers in a language that they understand.
    I do not want to baffle you with jargon. During our meetings, I want to communicate what I think your business needs in a clear and direct manner. This will ensure the website and services I deliver are correct for your business.

  4. Never try to sell a customer something they do not need or want.
    I will never try to sell you extra pages or functionality for my own quick financial gain. If you are asking for something I think you do not need, I will advise you not to buy it! My intention is to provide the exact services you need and share a long term business relationship with you so we can both help each others businesses grow.

  5. Provide a level of support to every customer that I would expect to receive if I were the customer.
    I hate terrible support. I will always provide a level of support to all customers that will quickly and with the least amount of fuss, resolve the problem, and feedback to you (if needed) what the issues were and how I resolved them. No matter if you deal with me or anyone associated with Barry's Web Design, customer support is an absolute priority. The majority of my clients have my mobile phone number and know they can call me at any time, any day to discuss anything relating to the services they have with Barry's Web Design.

  6. Put infrastructure in place that I will also use my self.
    I do not want to use slow, unreliable services and I know you don't either! Along side my own, every customers services are hosted on dedicated secure servers based in a bomb proof, self powered data centre in England. I never use shared hosting or virtual private servers or VPS (which some companies will wrongly tell you are called CLOUD servers). My hosting and data storage services are provided on custom built servers that I had built by my hosting provider to ensure total stability, ultra fast data transfer speeds and 100% up time for all websites.

  7. Build and provide easy to use tools that can be used by anyone with any level of skill.
    This has always been a very important part of the services and is the primary reason I never use unstable, insecure systems like Wordpress.

    I use BluCMS which I personally built from scratch. I am constantly updating BluCMS to ensure each and every customer has the best user experience with their website. No matter your skill level, I guarantee that within 10 minutes, I can have you managing your own website content from any device with BluCMS.

With points 5, 6 and 7 above combined, this ensures your website will load much faster no matter what connection or device you are using from mobile to desktop and that editing portions of your website such as text and photos is as simple as typing your info in to a text box and pressing save.

Got any questions, need a website designed or looking to become a business partner of Barry's Web Design? Please feel free to get in touch today on 01382 234 010.