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Free Toys for you to use!

I make allot of software that I never do anything with. One of my clients said to me that I will go to my grave with all this stuff on my hard drive that no one will ever see and they will say (minimal swear word coming up) "HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS STUFF!"

SO Im going to put stuff here on my website for people to use whenever they want to. I'm also going to show you how to make some stuff your self like basic HTML, php, c# etc..

Free Job Quoting Tools Online

This free job quoting tool will let you download PDFs that you can then send out to your customers. Free Job Quoting tool can be used for pretty much any type of business who need to send quotes to customers. The free job quioting tool will allow you to upload a logo, add a description of the job at hand, add items to be priced eg products and services, and then download a quote with the prices calculated for you.

Free Job Quote Tool