Introducing BluCMS

The Ultimate Website Management Solution


BluCMS is a cutting-edge online software platform, designed and built exclusively at Barry's Web Design.

BluCMS is meticulously crafted by Barry's Web Design for the individual client, ensuring an unparalleled fit for their distinct needs and varying levels of user expertise.

This personalized development approach guarantees that every website powered by BluCMS not only addresses the immediate goals of our clients, but is also scalable, ready to adapt to their future growth.

With BluCMS, clients receive more than just a website management tool; they gain a bespoke digital solution designed to align seamlessly with their business vision and objectives.

BluCMS is custom built to suit your exact needs.

Recent Custom Builds:

  • E-Commerce and Online Sales
  • Accounting System
  • House Surveys and Home Reports
  • Car Dealerships and Stock Management
  • Restaurant Booking and Table Management
  • Drag-and-Drop Wedding Table Planner
  • Online Ticket Sales with Unique QR Code Generator
  • Boiler Installation Estimates and Quotes
  • Campervan Booking and Payment System
  • Gift Voucher Generator
  • Bespoke Video Platform
  • Guesthouse and Hotel Booking Platform
  • Custom Media Player for Video and Music