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How much should a website cost?

If your looking to get a website designed for your small business, there are allot of options out there so how much should a website cost?

There are allot of companies out there offering website design and there is a crazy range of prices for website design in the UK. These range from the simple £1 per month websites like the ones you see on TV while Emmerdale is on to your large design agencies that are charging tens of thousands of pounds for Worpress Reskins (my pet hate!). So how do you decide how much you should be paying to have a website designed?

If you are in the market to have a custom built website build for your company, let me get right to the point with what I offer. I provide great value for money and affordable websites for small businesses.

If you want to read on, here is some comparisons for you to mull over.

DIY websites for small businesses

The internet is flooded with DIY website builders. Some are pretty decent, but most are so complicated that you will most likely try to make a site with a DIY website builders and end up wanting to smash your PC or tablet up in frustration and rage. Every DIY website builder promises that you can take their tools and have a beautiful website up and running in no time at all. In reality, while these tools are good at what they do, it will take you a good few days if not more than a week to get anything decent looking up and running. If you have all the time in the world and are good at using tools like Photoshop, then this might be an approach that is perfectly fine for you but as a small business owner my self, I know time is money. You dont have that much spare time to be working on your DIY website builder in the hope that the end result will resemble something that you should have hired a professional website designer to build for you, so in most cases the DIY website builder is the wrong approach.

Allot of my clients started off with a DIY website but soon realised it was taking up so much time and effort that they were not able to concentrate on more important business matters like making money from their business!

Hiring A Web Design Agency

You can of course go for the web design agency option. They will of course promise the world, supply great coffee and invite you to their very expensive offices. What an impression. Its great, they look great, the office is great, filled with young vibrant people and very expensive modern equipment (and very expensive company cars in the car park). You can be looking at a huge bill from them but hey that coffee was great. If you have infinite cash to get your website built, the agency is the option for you! What have you actually paid for? Is it the website you just had built or is it the agency CEO''''s Audi TT sitting in the agencies car park.

If you have budgeted for your website and its looking at around £1000, and you are looking to a high quality service from a local company with a small office and some quite average coffee, then please feel free to give me a call.

How much should I pay for a website?

I am looking to provide a website that suits your budget and exact needs while providing ongoing services that you can rely on and trust.

So lets get back to how much should a website cost. Well it really depends on what you actually need for your business. The average small business website from me will cost around £750 to £1250. This will of course include all of the services you need as outlined in my website packages and will include unlimited support for your new website.

Looking for a new website or looking for website prices for your small to medium sized business? Please feel free to get in touch today on 01382 525 896.