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How to write a website page title to attract clicks

Is your website lacking traffic? Im going to show you in less than 500 714 words how to write a website page title to attract clicks.

First up stop the spam!

Do you click on spammy titles? No..

Me either, so why do you think that people will click on your Google listing when the title has more spam than is in this tin.

You need to keep your titles clean and to the point.

How to write an effective Web Page Title

Writing an effective web page title will not only bring you more clicks to your website but will also bring you better search engine rankings as you will be telling Google and your visitors exactly what they need to know.

Have a look at the title of this page:

How to write a website page title to attract clicks

What I have put in title of this page tells you that this page will give you information about writing effective web page titles. Seems pretty obvious now that you have read this but I bet that if you own a website and tried to do your own home brew version of SEO, you will have written a title like this : (lets say your a plumber)

Plumbers in Dundee covering Dundee and the surrounding areas

Ok this does tell me that your a plumber but there is NO incentive to click this and it looks really spammy as well.

Writing a page title to attract clicks

First of all, you are looking to write a title that will not only attract clicks of course but will also contain the right amount of keyword weight so that Google appreciates that your not spamming for search engine ranking manipulation. The example above has a very common mistake. Allot of people will put in things like "and the surrounding areas". This is a complete waste of prime page title real estate. Google doesn't understand what this means! Why would it.. Granted a person looking at the title will get the point that you cover surrounding areas but to a search engine this is just a bunch of stop words.

If you consider what you would type in to Google when looking for a service in your local area, this is what other people will type in too so you need to think like the person doing the searching and try to satisfy their needs. If your a plumber then you need to tell them that your their best option and that they can and will trust you to carry out their job correctly - you need to instil confidence in the person searching and you need to do this quickly through your page title (and description but that will be discussed in another post).

If I were a plumber, my title would read:

Your local reliable plumbers in Dundee - No call out charge

Ok so lets have a look at my title and let me explain why I have written this way.

First of all, Google will display the first 50 or so characters in any title and will mostly, if the title is too long, cut off the last words in the title.

I tell people in the title that my services as a plumber are reliable and that there is no call out fee. These two points instantly tell the person that I am reliable and for me to come and check their problem, there is no fee.

I also tell Google that my services are for Dundee and I use a specific 3 word keyphrase that I know people will type in to find my services as this is pretty much what I would type in to find this exact service.

So the next time you go to start writing a page title and your desperate to get those all important front page of Google places, dont go throwing your key phrases right in their like a crazy search engine ninja! Think about what your trying to say to the person who really needs your services and try to write a title that says 'I am exactly the service your looking for' and in less than 60 characters.

You'll soon get used to writing titles that attract clicks.