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inexpensive website design for small business

With so many web design companies in Scotland, how do you know who to choose when looking for inexpensive website design for your small business?

Website Packages For Small Businesses

To get started, you should consider what type of website package you need for your small business. As I specialise in small business brochure websites, this is what I will outline here. With a small business website brochure designed by me you will receive pretty much everything you need to get your business found online by the people who need you most. Your website package will contain the following features:

  • the domain name of your choice
  • hosting on one of my dedicated servers
  • optimisation of your website so you are easily found on Google
  • access to BluCMS so you can change the content of your pages at any time from any device
  • a mobile friendly design suited to the image of your business

All of this from only £149

Cheap website packages

Everyone wants to save money. This is true for your day to day life and for your business. With this in mind, choosing an inexpensive website could be a good or bad decision. I do hear of allot of people who get a website made by a friend of a friend who knows a thing or two computers and can build an inexpensive website. This is 99% of the time a really bad idea. What mostly will happen is they will sign you up to some free or very cheap websites builder (you may have seen them on TV adverts). Mostly these packages are no good for much more than a hobby website or similar ventures: these should be avoided.

With my inexpensive website package, you get the services of a professional website designer, a stylish website and White Hat optimisation to get you found on Google and of course all at a price you can afford. Getting a friend of a friend to make you a quick website might save you money in the short term, but its almost guaranteed that you will quickly realise the site is not bringing in any enquiries as it is nowhere to be seen on Google.

Get a cheap website

If you would like to talk to me about getting a website designed for your business and your on a tight budget, please feel free to get in touch. I do provide cheap websites for small businesses and they are very effective.